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Gabrielle Pickard Whitehead is the founder and director of PW Copy. Gabrielle has more than a decade's experience writing and marketing content for online and print publications.

Since finishing her degree in Media and Journalism, Gabrielle has been working with many great brands, digital agencies and a diverse range of news outlets and publications. She has even been poached by editors to write her own columns.

Take a look at some of the great comments people have said about Gabrielle and PW Copy.

Hayden Allen-Vercoe, Senior Director of Orbital Media Network, one of the UK's leading social media and public relation agencies, says…

"PW Copy has proven to be a true asset to our business, producing a consistently high standard of written content on time, to brief and within budget". "Their ability to embrace almost any topic and provide engaging content around it is unique".  

"Gabrielle brings passion and conviction to everything she writes. She's one of those rare writers who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and put in that extra effort. She is a true professional"
-Lori Soard, Editor TSW

David Berwick, owner at Adria Solutions:

"Thanks PW Copy, your service has been first class."

Paul F from London EC3 Specialist Recruitment said:

"Gabrielle is one of my favorite writers, her understanding and execution is first class!"

Ryan Dude, Founder of Top Secret Writers, says:

"I love Gabrielle's writing. She's been featured front page on Reddit more than once, for good reason. I recommend you follow her articles."

Julie Evanchek, Managing Editor of Gobal Issues in Context for Speaking Globally, says:

"Gabrielle provides professional, high-quality journalism, including interviews from a variety of balanced sources in order to create comprehensive, non-biased articles."

Rob Bird, Owner/Craftsman at Redwood Bridges, commented:

"Gabrielle is a very concise and professional writer and editor. She has high quality standards and is an extremely good writer."

Gabrielle was a freelance correspondent for RT for several years. Natalia Brovchuk, Head of Special Projects at Russia Today, said:

"Do you have any special secret of how to meet interests of our editor? :)"